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A worry-free pet sitting experience
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Is A pet sitter the best option for you?

Many pet owners contemplate trusting a pet sitter to come to their home when they go away on vacation or work long hours. There are many options available including kenneling, doggy daycare, or taking your pet with you. Deciding to hire a professional pet sitter will take time and effort.  Each option has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the option that best fits you and your pet's needs will require research and a level of trust.   

Why would hiring a pet sitter be your best option? A tremendous level of trust is required from both the client and their pets to allow the pet sitter to perform the required care inside the client's home. Here are some common reasons to consider when choosing the proper care for your pet.


  • Stress - Will I be able to focus at work or relax on vacation knowing my pet is well cared for?

  • Transportation - Do I have the time to drop my pet off somewhere while I'm gone? Is my pet going to  be comfortable traveling?

  • Security of home - Will my home be safe and sound while I'm gone? Do I have someone local and          reliable to check in on things for me?

  • Strangers in your home - Can I trust someone to come into my home without issue? Will my pet trust them?

  • Routine - Can I find a service that will follow my pet's daily routine while I'm gone? 

  • Socialization - Can I find someone to care for my pet while allowing them to see familiar neighboring pets?

  • Risk of injury/illness - What if my pet gets hurt while I'm gone? How do I know other pets around  mine are healthy and safe? 

  • Exercise - Will my pet get the exercise they need to thrive? Can I find someone to follow my pet's          exercise schedule while I'm away?

  • Cost - Will this fit into into my budget? Can I find a local pet sitter who is reasonably priced and follows my pet's routine?

While each situation is unique, the trust you and your pet will gain is vital. A pet sitter will provide a worry-free situation for a more enjoyable vacation or more focused work day.

Why Bird Dog Brigade?

Now that you've decided hiring a professional pet sitter is your pet care option, what makes us different from other pet sitters?


First and foremost, it's trust. We strive to earn you and your pet's trust. We spend the necessary time needed to answer your questions and make your pet comfortable with us. This is the first step in what we hope to be a long and lasting relationship. 

We focus on one on one attention. Once we have discussed your pet's routine we stick to it. We provide the personalized, custom care needed to build the trust. From medication to special food preparation, we'll attend to your pets needs to keep them happy and healthy.

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Here are nine benefits to hiring Bird Dog Brigade:
  • Reduced stress - Having a professional and insured company handle your pet's needs will allow for a stress-free trip or workday. While your pet is relaxed at home, you can relax while away.

  • Eliminate transportation - Spend less time worrying about transporting your pet to a facility because we come to you! Your pet will not be anxious knowing he/she is getting dropped off somewhere they are unfamiliar with.

  • Security of your home - With one of our pet sitters stopping by on a daily basis, we make your house appear as if someone is home. Bringing down trash, picking up mail and papers, turning on and off lights, and raising or lowering blinds will reduce the risk of issues occurring. We are also there to monitor for leaks or power outages.

  • We defeat the stranger issue - Not everyone is comfortable with having a stranger in their home. To get acquainted with you and your pet, we start with a FREE meet and greet. We answer any questions you have about what we do, how we handle your pet's needs, and begin establishing a relationship with you and your pet. Building that relationship means keeping the same sitter throughout the duration of your pet's care. We don't have a revolving door of sitters coming to your home. We have a primary sitter and one back-up sitter. By keeping a regular team of sitters, your pet will become familiar with us more quickly and build a trusting bond.

  • We keep your routine - We stick to your pet's routine as best as possible. 

  • Provide socialization - Our dog walkers are trained in socialization to provide a comfortable playtime with neighboring pets, if allowed. We don't interact with pets we are not familiar with so your pet is comfortable and safe throughout the duration of our visit.

  • Reduced risk of illness -  We eliminate the risk of health issues.  No need for unwanted contact with other pets and the potential transfer of illness. We obtain your vet info in case your pet gets sick or injured.

  • Plenty of exercise - By setting up regular walks/visits, we ensure your pet lives a happy and healthy life.

  • Cost - We offer a variety of services at competitive pricing to fit your budget!

Formed in 2015, Bird Dog Brigade is a South Windsor, CT owned and insured daily dog walking and pet sitting company serving South Windsor, Manchester, Vernon, Broad Brook, and surrounding towns. We offer an array of customized pet services to meet your needs including overnight sitting, cat care, and farm care. 


Our mission is to provide a worry-free pet sitting process for you and your pet. We offer sound care in a relaxed environment and our services are available to meet a variety of scheduling needs.

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